Finally there's an undemanding way to manage Facebook™ comments...

Deny trolls from destroying your Facebook™ ad campaigns

Comments can damage your reputation and devalue your Facebook™ posts and ads. Sentimently auto-hides these harmful comments for you.

Automated Facebook comment moderation to protect your brand reputation and ROAS

Stress free moderation

Sentimently never sleeps. It keeps an eye on your Facebook™ posts and ads 24/7/365 so you can rest easy knowing it's taken care of.

Shield your reputation

Nasty, offensive and rude comments are automatically hidden so they cannot ruin your brand reputation and ROAS.

Easy to manage

View all comments on all your Facebook™ posts and ads in one interface, so you'll never miss an important comment anymore.

Control the conversation

Reply privately to the comments that were auto-hidden. Or just delete them if they're not worth your time and energy.


"This tool keeps me from going insane"

Sentimently is always-on, so you can rest easy knowing comment moderation is taken care of.

Silence trolls in real-time

Sentimently processes comments in real-time and automatically hides the damaging ones for you.

Move beyond simple blacklists

Our sentiment algorithm scores ambiguous words in context, capturing subtleties a blacklist can't.

Spam comments are not just words

Sentimently can automatically hide comments that contain images, not so funny gifs and spam URL's.

Reclaim control of the conversation

Harmful comments are auto-hidden instantly, so you can unhide, delete or reply when it suits you.

Sentimently is 100% safe to use

We've built a smart moderation tool that is approved by Facebook™. Your access token is saved using AES-GCM encryption so it can never be compromised.

End the stress with the flip of a switch

Sentimently has a number of smart moderation settings you can enable to match your needs.

Sentiment analysis

Sentimently's will automatically hide damaging comments on your Facebook™ posts and ads.

Hide URL's

Sentimently will hide comments that include URL's to disarm people that hijack your ads with their offers.

Hide images and gifs

Sentimently will hide comments that include images and gifs. Something a simple blacklist can't ever do.


Add custom words (competitor names for example) to your blacklist to have Sentimently hide these.

Auto-ban trolls

When enabled Sentimently will automatically ban users when you delete any of their comments.

Private mode

When private mode is enabled Sentimently will pro-actively hide all comments when they're posted.

"As a business owner, responding to online criticism might not be the most exciting task of your day, but it is vital to protecting your online reputation."

- Neil Patel

Sentiment analysis will protect your ROAS

Whether you are running ads for e-commerce, courses, coaching or something else, you'll get offensive comments anyway. Sentimently will limit their impact on your ROAS.

The old way: profanity blacklists

Most advertisers download a textfile with 1000+ bad words to add to their Facebook page settings blacklist.

And they switch Facebook's profanity filter to the highest level, so at least **** and **** are filtered out.

The new way: sentiment analysis

Sentimently processes each comment to score its sentiment, while considering the linguistical context. It will filter much more subtly than a blacklist ever could and detects negativity beyond just bad words.

Why don't you give it a try?

Type a quick comment below and click the process button, to see how Sentimently would act on it.

Secure your lifetime account with no ongoing fees

Early birds get the chance to enjoy lifetime access, including updates.

30 day money back guarantee!



No ongoing monthly/yearly fees ever.

  • Lifetime access to Sentimently
  • Automated comment moderation
  • Connect 1 Facebook page
  • Unlimited comments included
  • All future updates included
  • First-class customer support
  • 30-day money back guarantee



No ongoing monthly/yearly fees ever.

  • Lifetime access to Sentimently
  • Automated comment moderation
  • Connect 5 Facebook pages
  • Unlimited comments included
  • All future updates included
  • First-class customer support
  • 30-day money back guarantee

What makes Sentimently different?

Sentimently is laser-focused, independent and affordable for small businesses.

We're laser-focused

We're building the best solution for comment moderation. Not another bloated social media suite. 

 We're independent

Other moderation tools rely on third parties for sentiment analysis. We've built our own algorithm.

We're affordable

Our plans are affordable for small businesses, so you can save money on expensive business software. 


Will you continue to update Sentimently?

Yes, we're in active development to fix bugs and add new functionality to further improve Sentimently. 

Which languages does Sentimently support?

Sentimently's algorithm is written specifically for the English language. While you can still use the other moderation features like: hiding images, hiding URL's, private mode and the keyword blacklist the sentiment analysis doesn't support other languages.

Does Sentimently also work for Instagram™?

At this moment Sentimently works exclusively for Facebook™ posts and ads. We're working on support for Instagram™ posts and ads too.

Can I upgrade to a larger plan later on?

Yes, you can start with the standard plan and contact us later on to manually upgrade you to extended. You'll just pay the difference between what you've already paid and the then current price for the extended plan.

Do you offer support?

Yes, absolutely. If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or concerns you can contact our friendly support at any time here.

What is your refund policy?

If you decide to purchase Sentimently and it doesn't meet your expectations, we'll refund your full purchase amount. Simple as that - no risk on your end. If you're not happy we don't want your money. Just contact us within the first 30 days to request a full refund.

Can Sentimently also auto-delete comments?

Sentimently auto-hides comments but doesn't auto-delete. Hiding a comment on Facebook™ means the author and his or her friends can still see it. This prevents further outrage and the feeling of censorship, while limiting the public visibility of harmful comments.

Hiding is a reversable action, meaning comments can still be made publicly visible again. You can manually delete comments that were hidden by Sentimently from within the dashboard. And you can also use our auto-ban feature to automatically ban users when you manually delete any of their (automatically hidden) comments.